Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Cabbage anyone

For anyone out there (I wonder if there is anyone) that has not tried a trail race - give it a go.  It really is great fun and from what I've seen so far pretty relaxed.  Perhaps its just a really good excuse to get out and run or in some cases walk.  You do have to learn a few new skills like running and reading at the same time but for me that is part of the fun.
When you sign in you get given a list of course instructions, there are no maps involved!  You decide when you're ready, then just tell the organisers and off you trot.  There's a load of codes to help keep the instructions concise. For example FP = footpath, EB = Earth bridge (a new one for me tonight) and LHFE = left hand field edge.  But you don't have to remember them just read them carefully.

I have to admit I was a bit nervous about tonight's race.  I aways seem to get a few butterflies before any kind of event but  I think the darkness and potential to get properly lost added to that today.  Once underway I managed to find the first turning off the road I started to settle down a bit and was reassured by the sight of a couple of walkers doing the same course.  Running off road with just a head torch does need concentration and although I've run loads of times at night, I have never noticed how much your other senses kick in.  That sounds a bit cliche but it seems to be true.  My outstanding memory of the first of three, Blind Mice was the noise and smell caused by running flat out through a cabbage field.  Or were they sprouts?


  1. Like the blog Ben. On the subject of trail running, my sister did this one last year and said it was brilliant! Thinking of doing the Exmoor one net year if I can get my running mojo back.

  2. Looks a 'fun' event that one! What distance are you going to do?