Saturday, 12 November 2011

Heads up

I wonder how many other people have been inspired to start a blog by a new head torch?  To be honest its not just down to the head torch, but after running with one for the first time on Thursday night, I feel like it's opened up a new seam of running experiences.  

Living in rural Essex I normally hate it when the clocks go back.  Midweek running is suddenly restricted to pounding the pavements around Maldon after work or cramming in a quick run at lunchtime.  After reading about people running off-road with head torches I decided to stump up the grand sum of £38 and give it a try. 

Thursday night was the test run. I thought I'd try one of my favourite 4 mile routes taking me out across the local golf course and then along a few trails before popping out back in the town.  

I was a bit worried about how much I would be able to see, but even on the 'economy' setting it was absolutely fine.  Running through a leafy bit proved the most challenging as there was very little definition between the trail and the surrounding undergrowth.  Overall a very successful run. I am sure my little torch and I will spending some quality time together over the next few months. 

A few weeks back I had a chat with my sister and brother in-law about running a marathon together.  When I say together I mean running all on the same day at our own pace and meeting up at the finish.  So we've all signed up for the  Milton Keynes marathon on 29 April 2012.  I need to get some miles under my belt before the serious training starts in the New Year and I thought the head torch would give me an excuse to get off the pavements into the countryside.