Thursday, 5 January 2012


With 17 weeks to go to the Milton Keynes Marathon, the training plan officially starts NOW, or more accurately on New Years Day.  So far I'm already behind by a few miles as I missed a long(ish) run earlier in the week.  On Tuesday I was about to go for a quick lunchtime run and made the mistake of looking out the window before getting changed.  The rain was horizontal, the water coming out of the fountain at work was landing about 10 ft away from the pond... Hmm 'maybe I'll wait till after work instead'. The weather didn't improve and nor did my motivation to get blown about or hit by flying fences.  
Wednesday was slightly less windy and a constructive 9 miles were clocked up on some nice quiet lanes near Maldon. 
The plan for the rest of the week is a gentle 5 miles (recovery run) tomorrow at some point, 7miles off road on Saturday, and then whatever I can manage Sunday following the final Christmas get together the night before.  That's assuming I don't get scared of the wind again. 

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