Monday, 16 January 2012

Good Bye Old Friends

On saturday I made one of the most difficult decisions I had been faced with (for at least a week).  I threw out my Asics Cumulus 9s.  They were my second pair of proper running shoes and took me to Half Marathon PB's at Cardiff and Great Bentley on two occasions before they were cruely replaced by my Cumulus 11s.  I'd been occasionally getting them out the bottom drawer of my trainer storage facility for the last year and running in them.  They were great and I kind of liked the 'slick' finish on the sole that they ended up with.  However time stands still for no trainer the 9's are in the bin and the 11s are now reserved for special occasions.  I have a pair of Nimbus 12 which are naff gold and shiney and nowhere near as nice as either pair of Cumulus - somehow they just feel too solid and clumpy.  Current favourite race wear  are my Trainer-DS' which are fantastically light and great to run in.  So alongside my Asics Trails and Salomon Speedcross and my original Asics that's total of 6 pairs of trainers at my disposal.  

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