Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I hate coughing

Although my Essex 20 time was not the fastest, or particularly consistent in terms of pacing, I started that week feeling pretty confident about my ability to get around the MK Marathon in a reasonable time.  I'd done twenty miles and didn't feel too bad.  Two days after that I managed a nice 12ish miles around the village with a more consistent pace and the shins seemed to be holding up nicely.   
Beeleigh Falls
Then I developed a cough which has been hanging around since and as a result I've missed more training runs. About 8 in total including the Great Bentley Half on Sunday just gone.  I feel like I've taken a big step backwards on the training front as well as missing one of my favourite races - frustrating to say the least.    

But still I did manage to get out and do 4 miles at lunchtime yesterday.  After just over a week off it was fantastic to get out in the spring sunshine and run down to Beeleigh falls (picture credit).  It's only a short run but its got a bit of everything including some proper steep hills depending on the route.  That spring feeling's started me thinking about running to work again. 

The view on the run to work
Running along the sea wall to work is about 14 miles door to door.  I'm not really a morning person and but I do enjoy the novelty of being out first thing particularly when its a nice morning.  Last time I ran it was not nice in the slightest! Sea walls are great when the weather's nice but when the rains coming down and the wind is blowing they are bleak. The fact you end up running in and out of all the creeks also make that route mentally tough too.  
So the plan for the rest of the week is to try and get out and do a 'long as possible in whatever time I have' run tomorrow.  Thursday I'm off doing a six mile(ish) run testing out a walking route with a colleague.  Friday AM is the current day for a trot to work along 'the wall'.  Certainly a good way of getting a long run in without upsetting the family too much.  At some point over the weekend I need to fit in an 18 miler and a sport relief mile! More on that later in the week probably. 

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