Monday, 2 April 2012

Boy Lilikoi

This last week I've rediscovered two running experiences - Running with music and running in the heat. Luckily the weekend was pretty cool so I'll just skim over the heat part, its going to snow (maybe).

I stopped running with my iPod last winter because most local races have banned them and in all honesty I hadn't really missed it.  My home turf is pretty remote therefore all you get to hear is your own footsteps and whatever the environment has to offer that day.  It sort of adds to the isolation, atmosphere and the whole experience.  But I thought I'd dig out the old iPod for a long run over the weekend and I'm glad I did.
Seal (In St Lawrence and not featuring Adamski or on my iPod)
My run took me along my route to work along the sea wall towards Mayland and Lawling Creek and then a loop between the two creeks before retracing my steps.  The first 8 miles ticked by really easily as my iPod shuffled through MY music. It might have been the cooler day but I actually felt quite strong!

I like to think that my wife has pretty good taste in music but then she does also have an affinity to Take That and similar, so I enjoy a few hours listening to  MY music without any complaints.  Don't get me wrong I do appreciate that Gary Barlow can write a decent pop song (I'm nearly middle aged you know) but frankly I can do without being reminded of Morrisons while I'm running.  Typing this now I'm struggling to remember all the songs so I'll just share my 'top five' from the weekend.

5. Price of Gasoline, Bloc Party
Woo hoo I had a political thought during exercise!
4. Counterpoint, Delphic
A cracking tune to run to
3. Second, Minute or Hour, Jack Penate
Actually this is one of my wife's songs, see she does have taste.
2. Overpowered, Rosin Murphy
A long run wouldn't be a long run without this song (or lots of Sigur Ros).
1. Boy Lilikoi, Jonsi
This is the song that shuffled into my ears at the point where I got to the section between Mayland and Lawling Creeks.  It's one of those tunes that builds and builds and makes you feel great when its really loud.  It was made better by the six seals sitting in the mud on the opposite site of the creek watching me run past.  I wonder how many people can say they saw six seals on a run?

The rest of the run was pretty good too, the sun came out and I did a boil in the bag impression as I was fully 'tighted' up again.  It was unpleasantly hot in all that clothing but I just thought I better get used it, it will be summer soon!  So I ticked off 16 miles averaging about 8min30s. Not quite the 8:00's I'd hoped to have been doing at this stage but I am not unhappy with that.

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  1. Maybe I should borrow the kids gadgets the next time I go for a paddle, I am sure that will go down well! they don't do sharing! The area you travel looks outstanding and lush , there are sooooooo many health benefits from being surrounded by natural environments .. you could always dip your feet in the creek to cool down.. I'm luvin the photography ....