Wednesday, 15 October 2014

730 days

It turns out that its exactly 2 years since my last post on my little running blog.  Its fair to say that running has not been anywhere near a high priority for me since I dragged my way around the streets of Milton Keynes.  Lack of goals has contributed to a general lack of determination to get out the door and run.  When I have run, I've found new niggles and sore bits that have given me enough of an excuse to not run again. Total running mileage for 2014 rests at a rather pathetic 98, that says it all really.

However I have a new goal and that is the Virgin London Marathon next April just a few days after my 40th (coughs) birthday. 

I'm still reeling with the shock of actually getting a ballot place and whilst I'm feeling very lucky indeed, I'm also a bit daunted by the prospect of getting running fit again and doing that without breaking myself.  So what better reason to reinvigorate the virtual arse kicker of my running blog.   
It's still less than a week since I received the 'ultimate running news' so at this stage my objectives are quite modest and because of this I'm seeing rapid progress. This is all very motivating. 

Objectives - Progress
1. Find Trainers - Tick
2. Find Shorts and other running stuff - Tick (it took a while) 
3. Find beloved head torch - Tick 
4. Replace batteries of number 3 - Hmm 
5. Buy Running Mags - Tick 
6. Stop writing lists / blog posts - Errr not yet. 
7. Refer to Rule Five* - Not even close
8. GO RUNNING! - It's the thought that counts right? 

Training starts tomorrow - hopefully. 

* yes its a cycling reference but this 'running blog' is very likely drift into other subjects. Besides Rule five or Rule V seems very relevant. For anyone unaware of Rule V it is HARDEN THE FUCK UP. The other rules are also worth reading, especially the one about male cyclists needing to shave their legs.  I really must work out how to do tables too. 

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