Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Another Anniversary Post

It seems that this is one anniversary that I can't forget. My last two or three posts on here have been separated by a year.  Thats a lot of time not thinking about running (for the record I've been thinking about cycling instead see photo).

Perhaps THIS post IS the start of something new;  A new running bug.  There are positive signs, maybe its the green shoots of a running mojo recovery. There's plenty of self doubt as I've been here before.  It's not the first October that I've found my trainers, found the front door then found excuses or actual reasons to avoid getting out there.  To extend my bad analogy a bit more, perhaps its another dip in my triple dip running recession. Only time will tell and, for me at least, that's actually quite exciting.

A very healthy injection of inspiration has come from work.  In normal circumstances work is an unlikely source of athletic enthusiasm but we've started a Couch to 5k programme and its AMAZING.  It's been a privilege to run with total beginners, people that haven't run since school, but that have found the courage to dust off their reeboks* and raise their heart rates.  A few of them think I'm a little bit strange for rocking up and running round the park with them. Its a odd situation really; why, because I can run 5k would I not be interested in running with someone that can't (yet).  I want to explain that its not really about our speed or the distance we've covered, its about the fact that I've shared in their experience and achievement.  I can see the sparkle of pride in their eyes because they've just run for 3 minutes for the first time. They might hurt more than I do, they're more out of breath than I am at that exact moment, but I know that feeling. I have worn the same shoes.  So my mission over the next few weeks is to convince them that it doesn't matter if we've been running days or weeks or years. We are all runners and you've made me remember that this game is actually about Personal Achievement as much as it about Personal Bests.  So THANK YOU Couch to 5k crowd for helping me remember.

* other running shoes are available but are less classic.

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  1. Well done for encouraging others to follow the C25K programme - I've heard this has worked of many people who have since got into a life changing running habit and you're right it is amazing.