Saturday, 28 April 2012

Not long now...

It's less than 22 hours until the start of the MK marathon and the weather forecast is looking interesting to say the least. I can't really complain as I was hoping for a cool race but I don't remember ordering 40 mile an hour gusts of wind.  

  • The bag is packed. 
  • Pace bands are printed.
  • Carbs have been loaded. 
  • (Some) Training has been completed. 
  • Hotel's booked and dog sitters organised. 
  • Meal with big sis booked for this evening.

I am ready... (I think).


  1. All the Best!

    Have a great time Ben

  2. Good luck! I suspect I'll be the one limping along after a few miles, still not out-of-the-woods from my training injury. I've had a moan about the weather forecast. Sometimes bad weather can make these things more fun and more memorable, in a weird quirky kind of way!